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For the fashionable ladies, only a fantastic dress would not be enough for a smarter look. But, in this modern age, ladies of different age groups want every stuff that would match her dressing and also according to the latest fashion trend. For this, girls updates theirs wardrobe accessories collection regularly. For this, every girl spends a large amount to buy the fashion accessories to dress up for different kinds of events. Stuff would be the hats, jewelry, a pair of shoes, scarfs, sunglasses, bracelets, bangles, watches etc.
Normally ladies are not clear about the fashion accessories. What should she buy? What a girl needs to look more attractive? What is the causal wear jewelry? For this, present a valuable fashion guide for every fashion loving girl. So now women can select the perfect matching stuff for herself.
The first thing that comes to every fashionable girl’s mind is jewelry. Various kinds and styles of ladies jewelry are available in the market and also the trends have been changing. For different age group, many styles, designs, and material are available. Like glass and plastic made are specially designed for the kids and youngsters. It usually cheap and colorful. For the ladies, the price goes up by the design’s uniqueness and the quality of the material. The style of the jewelry also depends upon on the nature of the event, your style, and dressing. For the casual day dressing, girls wear light jewelry and for the parties and wedding use some heavy stuff. For all kind of style and event, we have many ideas, that what how to select matching gems for any formal or regular fashion. Like if you are looking for some formal wedding jewelry, we have awesome styles of gold plated styles ideas.
Afterward, every woman uses to carry a handbag with herself to keep her belonging. But, now it also a way for every girl to show her style. The trends of the ladies handbags also is changing. Sometimes, different styles become the fashion trend like the clutch, cross body, weekender, Fap, backpack. But ladies are a little bit confused about the selection of handbag. They always think about the latest trends and styles. Along with this, ladies have common confusion about the color. So, first consider that what belongings you want to keep and then select the contrast color for the suitable look.
In addition to this, fashion loving girls should have unique stylish and beautiful shades sunglasses in her accessories collection, when you step out o f your house. The selection of the right glasses for the right type of face would be a difficult task. Like all other women fashion accessories, we will also guide, how to select sunglasses according to your face shape.
Now consider, what would be the scarf style or design that will catch the attention of the other. Normally working ladies or female students wear scarfs to look different and prominent. We recommend you to choose a simple scarf with the small pieces of prints or dots. A colorful printed scarf is not suitable to wear with the printed clothes. Along with this, we will also guide that how to wear a scarf or what color you have to choose to make a good matching or contrast.
The most important part of every fashionable girl’s accessories collection is the watches or bracelets. A beautiful watch will give worth to your style and fashion. Chunky bracelets will make your style more trendy. Mostly, ladies match watches and bracelets with their handbags or shoes. You can also select the bracelet’s color with your necklace. You should choose the decent colors. For such kind of accessories selection, also teach you that how you can select a watch or bracelets for different occasional’s dressing or according to your personality. You can also review the latest fashion trends and styles before visiting the market.

Ladies Watch Selection | Haniyabilal

For women, dressing up for any event like a wedding, Eid, New year eve, party or formal dinners is incomplete without the accessories. Therefore, ladies spend several hours while shopping. Adding to this, wearing watch would be the effective way to enhance the beauty of an outfit. The working ladies look more professional. But the problem is, How to select the right watch? Usually, women update their wardrobe collection with time for every kind of dressing. buying a watch include many factors. Ladies normally went to the shop and start thinking what to select. They are just confused about the selection of the watch.
To overcome such kind of ladies problems, haniyabilal assembled following steps to guide the people how to select a watch. So, now you can easily understand the details. Many leading manufacturers invented many styles, this may cause confusions, what do for an outfit. You just follow the below-mentioned guidelines for the selection of ladies watch for yourself or to present to your friend.
Choose the right style & type
The selection of the right style or shape of women is the most important part. The round shape is the classic style, but there are many styles like a masculine square, a chic rectangular or curvy extraordinary deals. These kinds can vary from the sports to the fancy jewelry timepieces and the fashion trending watches known as the dress watches. Heatwave Rubber, Rigor, and Blue Print are the common watches styles. reviewing these names may help you select the right stuff.
Normally casual watch styles are suitable for regular use. It is easy to read and inexpensive.
Sports watches are specially designed for the active sports persons. These watches are durable and have many additional features.
Dress or jewelry watches may contain precious stones like diamonds, pearls, amber, and others. Usually such kind of watches is expensive than the others. These are classy and elegantly designed. It has a metal dial and band. Ladies buy such kind of watches to make a perfect match with their wardrobe.
Girls desire fashion watches for a trending look. It is made of the mixed materials and has large links patterns along with a variety of colors. Specially designed for a more prominent look.
Either bracelet or strap watch
For different looks and styles, various styles of the watch bracelets have been introduced the brands like a leather strap or bracelet style. The bracelets style has many embedded stones for multi colors. The ladies bracelets style watches can be matched with any special dressy event and also for the normal day use. While leather strap usually gives a formal look. While rubber strap style is available in the market.
Your selection must have a WOW factor
If you still feel that you can select a watch. Then remember a simple aspect that your watch must wonderful. So, whenever other people look at your watch while you are pointing with the hand. Then everyone should say wow, “you really own a wonderful watch”.
Along with this, you can also get an idea about the latest trends. Because also arrange a list of the masterpieces of the leading watch manufacturing brands.

Ladies Shoes | Haniyabilal

The selection of the dress for the party, wedding, Eid, Christmas dinner or any particular would be easy as compared, to choose the right pair of shoes. The first important wear for any women would be the dress and also the essential part would be the great footwears. Like the fashion trends of all things, the trends of the ladies shoe changes frequently. So, especially for the women, it is quite hard to keep up with them all. But a few things that every lady consider while picking shoes for herself.
Now to overcome many problems of the conscious girls, arrange the following guidelines. So, anyone of you can easily select the right pairs through our guidance.
Dress color
Probably, this seems to be the most important aspect you should consider when picking the shoes. If you wear a solid color dress, you can select any color footwear.
If you have a dress with beading, prints or jewel designs, then solid colored shoes would be the best. Because you don’t want to conflict with the dress. Many ladies love to wear multi color outfits, so for all such kind of dresses need a variety of multi color shoes. For multi color shoes, you can simply choose the one color that you want to match with your outfit. You have to select the shoes according to your dress, not the dress according to your shoes.
All other accessories also play an important role to picking up the right shoes. For example, typically gold and silver are not appropriate to work together. So, it’s important for every fashionable girl to pay attention to her accessories. In addition to this, it would be the best practice to match your shoes with the accessories.
You also have to take the two types of heights into consideration. First one your height and second of your footwear. Then you have to choose the right pair then decide flats or the heels would be the best. If you are fairly tall, then you have to compromise to look decent along standing with your spouse. On the other hand, you are not enough tall then select choose high heels as you required. If you are going to attend an event around the countryside or hills. Then take flat shoes because heels may cause many hazards.
When you are at the shoe store then be attentive of the weather. You are insane if you wear open shoes in the snow season. When the weather is nice, you are free to play with different styles of shoes.Wedges look better with the casual dress, kitten heels would be the best for the business look and platform styles for more formal look.
Comfort is the vital part of any kind of shoes. If you are not wearing comfortable and relaxed shoes, so you may not feel confident with your dressing. If you do not feel comfortable while trying the shoes, then this may cause problems on the party and you cannot enjoy the moments there.
If you are not familiar with the heels experience but you already bought a pair of branded heels. So, you should practice with the shoes and walk around your house before particular day or event.
Along with this, also arrange a list of the latest fashion trends of ladies shoes of the leading brands. We also direct you about your wedding shopping.

Ladies Shalwar Kameez | Haniyabilal

In the Asia, women wear shalwar kameez of different styles. Traditionally ladies wear shalwar kameez casually or also during dressing up for any special event. The tradition is not changed, but the styles have been changing with fashion trends. The shalwar kameez is the comfortable dress of ladies to wear.
Nowadays, ladies have many confusions in their minds about the dresses. Like what would be the perfect dress for a wedding, friends party, Mehndi, etc. For the solution of any women shalwar kameez. You just need to follow the guidelines of the to get the best recommendations related to traditional ladies shalwar kameez.
We will guide what to wear on outdoor functions like Mehndi, bonfire, birthday party in the evening or daylight. We will guide you which color will most appropriate for you. Afterward, you will also get to know to which trends are being popular nowadays like the ladies kurti for the fashionable girls. We will also direct about the latest trends of leading brands. These ladies kurtis also have fabulous designs for the both working and household women. You also be guided about shalwar kameez latest embroidered trends and designs.
Young girls love to enjoy every day with friends during school, college or university live. Therefore, they are always worried about their appearance. They usually have many dresses in the wardrobe but could not be able to choose the best one to wear on causally. Because they are fed up of the old dresses

Ladies Nail Paint | Haniyabilal

Ladies are very much conscious about their beauty. Therefore, they not only take care of their dressing, face, skin tone but also have been very much worried about their feets and hands. They just need a complete and perfect appearance. Therefore, every fashionable girl spends a couple of hours extra in the beauty parlor to maintain the hands and feets grace. Because nail paints on the beautiful nail will help to show off their shining personality to others. For this, ladies always need some unique and trending nail paint designs to enhance the grace of their hands. But they feel so bad when beautician replies, she has the old designs or asks them for the extra amount for a minor but important fashion needs. That usually increase the bill of the makeup.
Now no need to worry about such kind of problems. Because has the solutions of your worries like. what are the best nail paint designs and patterns? What would colors combination be best for me? What would be the best nail paint pattern for an upcoming wedding, party for casual dressing? For all such kind problem, we have special guidance to polish their nail at the home.
For this, first, make a clear choice of the color. It would be the dark or light, depends on your mood, style or dressing color. But the best practice, you can match your nail paint color with your lipstick, eyeliner, handbag, shoes or for more prominent look select a glowing contrast color.
Nowadays, patterns of differents colors have been trending. For this, you have to buy many shades of the nail paints to make differents designs. Many fashion girls also love to use glitters after the nail paint for more shining paint.
You may have many colors of nail paint, what about the patterns. Now you can many new and unique styles to polish your nail in a stylish manner. These contain designs some fantastic ideas for the party, wedding, Eid, Easter, New year eve, and also for the traveling.
You just have to choice the design or style and then look at the requirements, get all essentials and then just follow our written guidelines or video tutorials. So you can polish your nails within few steps.

Ladies Jeans | Haniyabilal

women are upset of the wearing the same style traditional clothes. They need some change in their wearing styles while they are traveling with her friends for a tour, traveling to abroad or dressing up for an informal party of college. Therefore, every fashionable girl needs dresses for eye-catching personality. In the case of jeans and leggings, the situation normally become worse, when a girl has to select a pair jeans for herself. So, if you have a question in your mind. How to select perfect jeans?
If you have to visit the market to buy a pair of jeans for yourself and searching for the tips and guidance. Then you are at the right place. gathered a lot of information that a girl will select perfect pair jeans for the casual or particular event like a tour, University farewell party, formal office meeting etc.
Let’s begin with the first thing that is your body shape. You have to evaluate your body type according to our body calculator. Like your body has a rectangle, triangle or round shape. If you already have an idea about your body shape, then the selection became easier. Otherwise, ladies have to change the several jeans in the changing room to get a perfect size.
Next, you have to consider the style of the jeans. Because you have to select the jeans according to wearing styles or according to your top. Like girls want skinny jeans to pair with the kurti to show their personality. Many styles of the jeans have been introduced by the leading international or local brands. A number of styles many causes a lot of confusions. But no need to worry and follow our guide for buying suitable jeans.
Now the think about the color. People usually select the matching color dresses. But you can consider dark, light, bright color contrast jeans to look smarter and can grab the attention many people. You can select the leggings according to the top’s design or color or top according to your jeans to keep updating your wardrobe collection. We will also teach you, that what are the jean’s colors that you can wear with any kind of t-shirts, kurtis etc. If you have to shop for the tour then you should buy dark color.
You can also get information about the leading brands of girl’s jeans. For this, haniyabilal assembles pictures to let you know about the current trends and styles.

Ladies Hair Styles | Haniyabilal

While dressing up for an occasion women of every age want to make a fantastic hairs style to look more fashionable. But nowadays women are upset of the causal styles. A bridal or fashion girl ask for the latest hairs style while getting from a beauty salon. But she does not get the latest style to look more charming. Typically brides are also suffering from this problem. But what a makeup artist can do to fulfill the demands of ladies? Along with this how a fashion girl or bride can select a perfect hair style according to her face type or dressing.
For this. compiled guidelines, especially for the ladies and makeup artists. For this, we describe features of every style according to your face type, different hairs type, and dressing.
First, we have an impressive variety of causal and party styles such as French, three strand, updos, waterfall, feather, Dutch twist, bun, ladder, lace, fishtail braids and many other western party styles for the fashion loving girls. This select has updated hairs because girls need every=thing according to latest fashion trends. Along with this, you can find special celebrity party hair styles like Edgy Headband, forehead band styles for short hairs.
The twisted bride style is now being getting popularity among the modern girls. Now brides can make gorgeous designs with regular plaits. Along with this, brides can also review our exclusive collection like beautiful curls, wedding updo & buns, stylish braids, etc.
The mehndi of any girl’s wedding is the day when every girl wants to look more impressive and fashionable. Especially the bride finds herself for the perfect hairstyle to look more attractive. For this, haniyabilal has an exclusive collection of the ladies mehndi hairs styles.
For all of these, you have to take care of your hairs and should take a perfect hair cut. Therefore we will also guide every lady how to achieve this task. For this, you have to select the most appropriate cut according to facial expression or the personality.
Furthermore, you can also find many styles for the young girls under 18. Now girls can find, a formal hairs styles for a professional look, So if you thought about the upcoming business meetings or presentation. You can follow our guide for most appropriate long or short hairs formal styles.

Ladies Glasses | Haniyabilal

Some people use to wear spectacles every day. Therefore, they should have a pair of glasses that must add value to once grace. Specs or glasses would the first thing that people see when they look at your face. They can instantly make a fabulous or dull impression about you. No matter what you are wearing.
Now, what people have to consider in the frame if they use to wear spectacles daily. Like all other accessories, this may also influence your personality and look. So, you have to be very careful while selecting the frame for yourself. For this, manage the following guidelines for the ladies.
Find a good reputed eyeglasses store
You should ask your friends, family member or other people nearby you about the famous and trustable spectacular store in the town. If any your nearby people use glasses, you should ask him/her about the shop from where he/she use to buy. So, you have to do the homework first and find the store that has skilled assistants and a wide range of years.
Try many frame’s styles
Do not go for the styles that you already think about or have recommendations from your friends. Try many different styles, colors, patterns, and shapes as possible as you can. You will surely surprise from the outcomes of every try. In some styles, there must be some features because of comfort concerns. Like nose pads. But some people ask for the glasses without this because it may cause uncomfortable for many people.
Bring a friend with you
Often, ladies cannot judge that which style would be best according to her face type. The sales assistants can only recommend you, but cannot tell you about the right frame. Therefore, it would be best for every young girl to bring one of your best and honest friend with herself for purchasing the eyewear. She can instantly suggest you that which frame will give an impressive look to the face and especially to your eyes.
Beware of frames left
Spectacles look more attractive if they lifted from the cheeks and bottom area of the eyes are slightly outside the corners. Or, if they don’t then your facial may look unattractive. It seems to be sinking. So, be careful about the vertical height of your glasses.
After this, you should consider that your eyes must in the center of glasses within the frames. Also, follow the eyebrows line. Which means the corners must be round or straight according to your eyebrows. You just see the frame from the front, but people can see all other sides. So do not select a frame that only a beautiful front but also has fantastic temples or arms.
The last but not least thing you should consider is the color of your glasses. You can match the color with eye color, dress or accessories colors.
After this, now you can also get an idea of the eyewear because also arrange awesome styles and designs of the leading manufacturers. We can also select the styles according to your face type. Now female students, household ladies, and working women can get valuable recommendations and ideas to buy an eye-catching frame for formal or casual wearing.

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